Photo Repo is designed to teach photographers how to ask for a reasonable fee for unauthorized use of their photographs before handing the matter over to an attorney who is really going to turn up the heat. This information is based on my experience of pursuing copyright violations for three years, over which time I have collected on 61% of viable infringements, ranging from 44% the first time out ($5,000) to 80% in my most recent effort ($15,000).

For an synopsis of each chapter in Photo Repo and excerpts from the book, see the following web pages:

Chapter 1:  The Basics of Copyright Law As It Pertains to Photographers

Chapter 2: Registering Your Photographs With the U. S. Copyright Office

Chapter 3: Finding Copyright Violations

Chapter 4: Analyzing Search Results

Chapter 5: Locating Infringers Who Do Not Want to be Found

Chapter 6: Collecting Evidence

Chapter 7: The Settlement Fee

Chapter 8: The Demand Letter

Chapter 9: Sending Your Demand Letter

Chapter 10: Communicating with Infringers

Chapter 11: The Follow-up Letter

Chapter 12: Finding an Attorney