Finding an Attorney


Even the best demand letter will not convince all infringers to pay. I started out collecting on only 44% of my cases, which isn’t bad considering all were pre-registration violations that no attorney would touch. After refining my process, I collect on roughly 70% of my cases. But even with such a high success rate, that still leaves plenty of unsettled cases. Your best course of action is to turn such cases over to an Intellectual Property (IP) attorney, but there is a catch. Since most Internet-based photograph copyright infringement cases are not that lucrative, finding an attorney who handles such cases is not easy. When you toss in the caveat that the attorney must work on contingency—you don’t pay unless he collects—the list gets even smaller. This chapter of Photo Repo provides suggestions for finding an attorney and what to expect when you find one. Topics include:

  • How to Find an IP Attorney Who Works on Contingency
  • What Attorneys Require to Take Your Case
  • Typical Settlement Splits
  • Attorney Location
  • Typical Settlement Amounts