Sending Your Demand Letter


My modus operandi for pursing a copyright infringement is to start with the first infringer on my list, determine if the infringement is worth pursuing, and if so, not only collect the required evidence, but also prepare the demand letter and put everything into the envelope so it is ready to mail before moving on to the next infringement. I find it more efficient to complete an entire case when the facts are fresh on my mind. I can also go to the post office at the end of each day and mail all completed letters instead of waiting until the end of the process and mailing everything at once. Daily trips put letters into the infringers’ hands as soon as possible. This chapter of Photo Repo covers preparing and sending your demand letter and how to handle refused and letters returned to sender. Topics include:

  • Sending a Certified Letter
  • Letters Returned Due to Incorrect Addresses
  • Letters Returned Due to Being Refused
  • Missed Deliveries
  • Dealing with Letters Lost in the Mail